Freetown Collective

Freetown Collective
The Brothers of Freetown

Line up

  • Keegan Maharaj  (Vocals )
  • Lou Lyons (Guitar, drum, saxophone, vocals)
  • Muhammad Muwakil (Vocals, flute,guitar, drum, harmonica)


Freetown Collective is a tribe of highly passionate young people, at the core of which stand three young men, Keegan Maharaj, Lou Lyons and Muhammad Muwakil. Poets, Lyricists, Musicians, they are seeking with their work to continue the great heritage left to them by calypsonians, storytellers, poets and chantuelles who came before; to put their own spin on it, to share the stories of a generation... that has yet to properly articulate its position in this every shifting world.

The Freetown concept follows on the notion that every man and woman has a personal responsibility to free themselves from negative mental and social chains so as to free their families, their neighbourhoods, their nations and indeed by extension, the world. So the music must remain a freeing agent creating within each listener a "free town" that he/she is able to build upon and move out to affect the world. The brothers agree that Trinidad and Tobago's indigenous music and soul has moved so far from its center that it is no longer able to act as a a healing agent, the goal is to rekindle the flame. Bless the brighter day