Line up

  • Corey Wallace (Bass Guitarist)
  • Jonathon Otway (Drummer)
  • Mandisa Granderson (Vocalist)
  • Nickolai Salcedo (Lead Singer/Composer/ Rhythm Guitarist)
  • Shirleena Zola Grandsoult (Vocalist)
  • Tinika Davis (Percussionist)


Gyazette is a group of extremely talented personalities, at the helm of which is bandleader Nickolai Salcedo, a visual artist and former teacher who taught himself to play the guitar and started writing music out of a desire to reach his students on a different level.

Their unique and infectious sound has made them one of the most sort after bands on the twin island republic. With poignant lyrics and a fresh kaiso sound with a contemporary edge, Gyazette's lyrics encompass everyday life; the typical things affecting the man on the street, the struggle of human interaction in this urban jungle.

"We love to explore all styles of music but we insist on keeping Gyazette's funky calypso/kaiso stamp present throughout," says the band.

Gyazette's kaiso and soca driven musical product is heavily influenced by such greats as David Rudder, Andre Tanker, Calypso legend 'The Mighty Sparrow', Nirvana, James Brown, Bob Marley, and Lenny Kravitz. Their ability to capture the diverse musical influences Trinbagonians are exposed to, (pop, rock, rhythm+blues, eastern melodies, reggae) make them a true representation of the melting pot that is Trinidad and Tobago.