John Blood and the Highlys

John Blood and the Highlys
John Blood


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Line up

  • ‘Pastor’ Anku  (Keys, Percussion, BVs)
  • Charlie  (Electric Guitar)
  • Georgie Baby  (Flute, BV’s)
  • John Blood (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Mathieu (Drums)
  • Mr Highly  (Djembe, percussions)
  • Peebs (Bass)


People always ask me where did the name come from? Well John is from 'John Doe', Blood is what we all have in common, so you see what I'm saying... Izza 'One' ting, Izza Love...

I was born in England, and grew up in Trinidad in a house full of music. Plenty singing used to take place everyday, and more so when we go church on Sunday...

Growing up in the Caribbean during the 80's was tough. There was political unrest and poverty, and this was reflected in the music. This kind of 'protest' music is what influenced me greatly and ultimately led me toward Rastafari. Whether it was 'The Mighty Shadow' or Bob Marley, 'Burning Spear' or 'Black Stalin', their songs educated my generation musically, socially and spiritually.

Now I'm in London, living as a musician. Through the highs and the lows of life, music has been there with me. I have been writing since leaving Trinidad in '97. Started on the 'open mic' thing, then went on to bigger solo gigs.

Eventually, I met Natty (, and for 3 years I was part of his music project. I left Natty early in 2010, and that year began forming a band, which has now grown into a 7-piece outfit. We're known as John Blood & The Highlys. For each of us in the band, music has given us so much, not just enjoyment but spiritual fulfillment, hence the name The Highlys as in 'highly blessed'. Now we feel like we have to give back to music...

So we're making music for all, to inspire, to heal, to dance, to educate, to enjoy, to share, to love... And with love, we're taking this music as far as possible.

Love, Light & Peace