Kin Sound System

Kin Sound System
Kin Sound System
Kin Sound System


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Line up

  • Adam  (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Keeron Archie (Drums)
  • Keshav  (Percussion, synthesizer, vocals)
  • Kiwan Landreth-Smith  (Guitar, vocals)
  • Shyamal Chandradathsing (Bass)


Kin Sound System comes from a young yet rich tradition of rock influenced Trinidadian fusion bands. At the time of forming the first incarnation, Kin Sibling Rivalry, there was a void in the music scene. The fusion sound was still active in live music but people needed an entity to blow the lid off. The same need manifested in Kiwan Landreth-Smith and he decided to grab the reigns himself by compiling the best songs he and Mar had written then calling on the best musicians for the task, thus initiating the genesis of KIN.

Sibling Rivalry hit the ground running and went on to rule the Port of Spain live music scene. Shakers on the Ave, La Casa de Ibiza, 51 Degrees nightclub, Woodford Cafe, Coco Lounge, the Corner Bar, Club Alchemy, Digicel's Outta Control Tour, The Little Carib Theatre and just about anywhere else you could think of with few exceptions. Kin managed to garner enough support to get solicited and sponsored to represent Trinidad at The Miami Music Festival (downtown Miami) within it's first nine months of existence. They were inspiring and being inspired by everyone around them.

Things reached a critical point when the band was playing 4 venues in 1 week then 3 venues the week after, all within a 2 mile radius. It was just too much exposure and forced the band into a hiatus from the regular gigging circuit at the end of 2010. With Port of Spain in their pockets KIN was ready for more.

The Sound System is the 2nd incarnation of KIN and it comes with a fresh sound and perspective. KIN Sound System - The Unity Art Machine, is the natural evolution of the inspired lot. This time around for them it's all about expanding the playground and the family. With international interests popping up every week from every direction KIN is ready to go. Keeping it in the family with brother bands Gyazette and 12 The Band. Kin Sound System is for the intellectuals, the party goers, the smokers but no jokers.

Rhythm driven with lush harmonies and an explosive delivery, Kin is picking up the slack to represent and take the sound of the Port of Spain live scene to the world.