JMC 3Veni Canadian Tour

JMC 3 Veni

This year, Canada’s premier festival celebrating the Caribbean Diaspora and its culture will play host to one of Trinidad and Tobago’s top crossover bands, JMC 3Veni. The band has over 30 years experience in the music business having played at major Chutney, Chutney Soca, Soca and Calypso event s in the nation. JMC 3Veni has worked tirelessly to promote the music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago internationally and over the past few years have toured extensively in Europe, North America and South America. Continuing in this vein, the band will be representing Trinidad and Tobago at this year’s Caribbean Celebrations in Toronto Canada from July 15th to August 10th 2011.

The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T & T Entertainment) is proud to be a part of this tour as it represents an ideal opportunity to continue showcasing our nation’s multicultural entertainment products. T & T Entertainment is committed to facilitating the international exposure of our local entertainers as well as influencing positive perceptions abroad of Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse entertainment products and services.

If visiting Canada feel free to visit some of the events that JMC 3Veni will be involved in:

-Summer Bash – Oakville Italian Gardens: July 16th 2011
-Boat Cruse – Lake Ontario : July 21st 2011
-Curry Bana – Oakville Italian Gardens : July 23rd 2011
-Club Coconut - Keele & Steeles: July 16th, 2011
-Continental Soirae - Kennedy & Progress, July 23rd, 2011
-Hamilton Carnival – Hamilton Ontario :August 6th 2011

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article posted by:Dionne Mc Nicol-Stephenson, Trinidad & Tobago Entertainment Company Limited