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  • Positive (Vocals)


From the sunny Caribbean shores of Tobago comes the hottest new voice in gospel reggae. From his onset as an artist, Positive (born Joel Murray), has seen unprecedented success in the genre. Every one of his singles has dominated the charts (on both Christian and secular stations) throughout the Caribbean. In less than a year, this young artist has been dubbed "The new voice of the Caribbean".

At 23 years, Positive is determined to stay true to his calling and sing songs of hope and encouragement drawn from his tragic life experiences. His only sister died from meningitis in 2003 and in 2007 his mother died of cancer. Through all this he’s remained faithful to the ministry and has been able to find strength from God through the music the Almighty gave him.

One look at the song titles on his debut album and one will realize that these are songs of a survivor who, even in the toughest of times, has refused to give up hope. While many of his lyrics were penned from a place of pain and loss, Joel Murray insists on remaining Positive and recording uplifting anthems that encourage others to persevere. "Never Let Go" is a heartfelt 14 song collection comprised of modern roots and lovers' rock with a touch of nyabinghi.