"Pueblo de Brujos (Wizard's Village)" - Troker

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19 minute piece with seven movements inspire in the village of Cheran, located in the Mexican state of Michoacán; an indigenous community that has had to fight for their sovereignty.

First movement: ominous, suggests a presence, a gloomy atmosphere, reveals a tortuous journey that the trumpet is responsible for announcing and whose outcome is untimely when the sax, with a grunt, opens the scene and leads us into a vortex, which truly, smell and sound like jazz, recharged and impregnated with rock features of what was entitled like opposition, a landslide carried on a carpet lying on the keyboard.

Second movement: decidedly rocker and guided by a piano solo that opens into a wall of breaths which will lead us to the next stage.

Third movement: now under, but not necessarily more conventional jazz framework.

Fourth movement: a brief interlude in which remains the mysterious side, grim, marked by a booming bass that links to the next stop.

Fifth movement: equally disturbing with hints of experimentation, in which murmurs from the underworld overlook.

Sixth movement: the descent into an unknown universe, that strange and unreal atmosphere is accentuated by a poem which is unintelligible at the beginning and gains sharpness as it goes lining on a bed of jazz with music closer to a contemporaneous accents.

Seventh movement: we arrive to its conclusion and here were the initial theme is recovered, and right before the end we can see the light, but not necessary in peace.

David Cortes /Nexos Magazine



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Pueblo de Brujos

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