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Yusa is living proof that not everyone in Cuba is making music like their grandaddy! Yes, of course there are urban echoes of classic trova songs, but it's offshoots like bolero and notably 'filin' that inform this true voice of the 21st century whose songs break down the labels usually imposed on the island's music. As a modern troubadour Yusa, like others in her peer group, is as influenced by Spanish and North American pop and jazz as by 'nueva trova' and son. After all Yusa grew up with her ear stimulated by everything Cuba had to offer as well as a legion of international musicians including Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea and Jaco Pastorius. And she¹s of a generation whose musical world owes as much to their contemporaries in Brazil ­ Lenine, Chico Science, Chico Cesar, Carlinhos Brown ­ as to anything home grown.





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