• country:France
  • region:North Africa
  • style(s):World Jazz
  • label:Turn Again Music
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Turn Again Music

Line up

  • David Aubaile (Flute)
  • Karim Ziad (Drums)
  • Michel Alibo (Bass)
  • Nenad Gajin (Guitar)
  • Omri Mor (Piano)
  • Vincent Mascard (Saxophone)


His name has been familiar for some time to knowledgeable fans of music. No matter whether the musical jack-of-all-trades Karim Ziad, born in Algeria in 1966, is accompanying Cheb Mami or helping out the WDR Big Band, the Zawinul Syndicate, or his friend Nguyên Lê, his reputation has traveled from Paris to the rest of the world.
Karim Ziad, whom his friends fondly call the Little Prince, plays, in addition to diverse percussion instruments, guitar and gumbri (a Moroccan bass lute) and sings. With his music Ziad wants to bring people closer together, especially the people of East and West.
And so it is a crackling and tension-filled musical mixture that awaits you on this new shiny silver disc: the sounds of the traditional music of North Africa – the Maghreb – flow into a more than simply productive fusion of jazz and electronic sounds...