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  • country:Palestine
  • style(s):Arabic, Rock
  • label:KAMIYAD
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:rock band
  • artist submitted by:Turn Again Music

Line up

  • Abed Hathout (Guitars)
  • Fadel Kandeel (Drums)
  • Riad Sliman (Vocals)
  • Rooster (Bass)


Khalas have been making music in the Middle East for the past 12 years.
The band released their first LP "Ma Adesh Feeha" in 2004, the album found much popularity among youth and established Khalas’ status as the biggest and most influential Arabic Rock band in the Middle East.

The album’s hits “The Naked King” and “To Reach Heaven” reached number one in numerous radio stations in Israel/Palestine and earned Khalas the title “band of the year 2005”. Today these songs are considered a much appropriate soundtrack to the events of the Arab Spring.
The adaptation of Oum Kolthum’s “Inta Omri” found instant popularity worldwide thanks to the belly-dancing community who used the song in their performances all over the world.

In the summer of 2006, Khalas embarked on a tour in Italy and Sarajevo in cooperation with Rock No War Association. The following year, the band was interviewed by Mark Levine and featured in his book “Heavy Metal Islam”.
In 2009, Khalas was featured in the movie “Check-Point Rock” by Basque
Artist Fermin Muguruza. The documentary was featured in several film festivals and helped Khalas reach a wider audience. Following the film’s success, Khalas were invited for several performances in Spain.

During the following years, the band went on tour in Israel/Palestine. They were booked to play the main stage in Israel’s most popular festivals such as: 1Shekel Fest, Yonah Festival, Tel-Aviv Univ Student Festival and several others.
In 2011, Khalas were invited to open for the Gypsy Punk Sensation Gogol Bordello in Tel Aviv.

Arabic Rock Orchestra, Khalas most recent album, released last November, was followed by a joint Europe-UK tour with Orphaned Land that was covered in every major media from BBC to Rolling Stone. The tour included 18 performances in different countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, etc. where the band’s merchandise was sold out before the end of the tour!