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OBLIQUA is a Digital Record Label operating in an Italian network of publishers, labels, artists and promoters applied to World-Music and Jazz scene

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  • Artist
    • Composer/Songwriter
    • Manager
  • Film
    • Film Producer
  • Press
    • Online
  • Promoter
    • Concert Promoter
    • Conference
    • Festival
  • Publisher
    • Music
  • Records
    • Distribution
    • Label
    • Manufacturing
    • Producer
    • Studio
  • Services
    • Consultant
    • Engineer
    • Multimedia/Online
    • Publicity/PR
    • Video Production
  • Trade
    • Online-Shop

participating in

  • virtualWOMEX

company description

OBLIQUA is a Digital Record Label operating in an Italian network of publishers, record labels, artists, press-agents and promoters applied to World-music and the Jazz scene.

MUSIC 4 DESIGN is a Music Licensing Company for Film, Radio, Television, Commercial, Advertising, Websites. High quality, original composition, music library and license directly to media client.

TWEEDLE , founded in 1972, is a dynamic company that operates in the Music Publishing area for Cinema, Television and Multimedia communications in general, with a specialized editorial catalogue. It also offers post-production sound services, CD and film mastering.

TRE LUNE RECORDS is a Record Label and Distributor of Jazz, Contemporary and World Music. It was founded in 1997 and is based in Rome.

STUDIO ALFA is a professional studio that deals in communication and promotion mainly in the music and theatre sphere but more generally in the promotion of all cultural events. Studio Alfa is in partnership with Phillips Consulting a studio that deals in graphic design and visual communication for Italian and English speaking markets.




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