Christine Vaindirlis - "Dance Mama!" 2010

"Dance Mama!" Cover
Christine Vaindirlis
Christine Vaindirlis
Christine Vaindirlis
Christine Vaindirlis
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Christine Vaindirlis was born in London and raised in Johannesburg under the hardest South African era of Apartheid until her passion for music took her to Milan, Italy where she trained at “Conservatorio di Milano G.Verdi” and later was awarded a full scholarship to study opera at the “Teatro della Scala di Milano”. In 2001 she was endowed “The Berklee College of Music Achievement Scholarship” where she graduated with Honors in 2004 in Contemporary Writing & Production and Performance as a Voice principal. She also served as an ambassador of the College for the World Scholarship Tour Auditions and in 2003, her merits were recognized by the Solo and Ensemble Award for Outstanding Musicianship.

With extensive experience as a sideman and band leader in the many facets of the music industry over diverse stylistic approaches from classical to Funk, R&B, Rock, Jazz and World Music, she ventured into producing “Shikisha!”, an entertaining twenty-three piece Boston based project promoting the Music of South Africa.

In 2005, she moved to New York City where she experimented with World music on a different level, her single “What About You?” under deepaGrooves hit the House Music Charts and was remixed in the US and the UK under Miso Records. However, she longed to produce an album that captured the essence and energy of her homeland South Africa, combined with her global chops and Berklee experience which had pushed her envelope further.

In 2008, she ventured into putting her dream team together for her debut album “Dance Mama!”, a ten-track collection of original compositions and arrangements infused with syncopated rhythms of traditional jazz and South African influenced horn and vocal arrangements, featuring the up-and-coming jazz pianist Hiromi, the fiery Screaming Headless Torsos percussionist Daniel Sadownick, along with the legendary Graceland Album accordion and keyboard player Tony Cedras, Grammy-award winning bassist Bakithi Kumalo and Cape-Jazz Pennywhistle and saxophone guru, Morris Goldberg to name a few. Three of the tracks hit the finals, semi-finals and quarter-finals of the 2009 USA, International (ISC) and UK Songwriting Competitions respectively, while the album received airplay in the US and South Africa, and on the in-flight World Music play-lists on Continental, Copa, Sri Lankan, Caribbean and United Airlines. In 2010, Christine was featured on CNN International, NBC’s New York Non-Stop, ESPN and Time Out New York.

Christine’s deeply personal experience and transcontinental life has culminated in her songs and remains a source of profound happiness and gratitude, the sunny disposition that echoes throughout her work. “It's like a house that you build, brick by brick and you never know how long it’s going to take or what it will be like. You cry and scream with frustration in between, but then when you stop, look back and see the big picture, you think ‘wow!’ It’s fascinating how it all came together,” Vaindirlis smiles. “And when you least expect it, it’s time to fly.”

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