Misty Fest 2018

  • event type:Festival
  • date:31 Oct 2018 - 25 Nov 2018
  • city/area:Lisboa, Loulé, Porto, Coimbra, Ponta Delgada, etc.
  • venue:Various
  • country:Portugal
  • event submitted by:UGURU

Coming to its 9th edition, Misty Fest is increasingly a festival that does not hide its unique profile and its adventurous vocation. In 2018, the Misty - which will extend from Lisbon to Porto, Coimbra, Loulé, Braga and Ponta Delgada, thus fulfilling a decentralizing design that is part of its identity from the beginning - maintains the posture of bringing the best music to the best rooms from the country.

Scott Matthew, Avishai Cohen, Anna Von Hausswollf, Andrea Motis, PianOrquestra or Danças Ocultas are the names already revealed of an ambitious poster that looks for, in the present and in the history, some of the most challenging musical proposals that do not find space in other posters.

Australia, Israel, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Portugal are thus represented in a poster that also knows how to look at other musical geographies, finding there artistic arguments and histories very different from those that the more beaten circuits of music provide us.

Misty has always managed to focus on word excellence, hence the presence in this issue of an artist such as Scott Matthew, author of deep cuts and ultra personal songs that have garnered significant international applause. But it has also been known to seek instrumental excellence among artists who often exploit unconventional instruments with obvious historical charge. Case of the piano that is reinvented, for example, by PianOrquestra that brings from Brazil a new way of interpreting it. Ten hands.

Challenging music, made of great words and original sounds, of artists who come, very literally, from the four corners of the world. And they like traditions - jazz and rock, popular music, classical heritage, folk - but they also do not fear the subversion of norms. In past editions, Misty has sold out rooms with such inescapable names as John Grant or Peter Hook, Andrew Bird or Rodrigo Leão, Cowboy Junkies or Jorge Palma, Dead Combo or Buika and Lura, names that have always marked the careful programming of a festival that does not want to be like others, but who wants, more and more, to be equal to himself.

In rooms where acoustic quality is a reality, equipped with sound and light systems of high performance operated by the best national technicians, Misty has presented proposals that attend to the comfort of our demanding public. In 2018 this commitment is reinforced with a poster of very high quality with artists who almost always debut new shows. Top quality music, top performers, unprecedented concerts, comfortable rooms. That's the Misty Fest.

We invite you to come and applaud them. Once again.

Misty Fest. The best music in the best rooms.