António Cunha

general manager

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António Cunha is one of the key figures in the "backstage history" of Portuguese music since the 1980. One of the first talent spotters in the country and manager of some of the most important Portuguee bands of the period, he started one of the first professional management and booking structures in 1986, União Lisboa. His tireless work on behalf of musicians blossomed with the international success of Madredeus, the chamber-pop ensemble whose global breakthrough he steered. Under his leadership, União Lisboa became Grupo Reunião, encompassing management, booking, marketing and a record label.
In 2002 Cunha launched a new adventure he called Uguru: an entertainment agency specialized in production and communication, working with international artists for a discerning international audience that has grown to become one of the most important music companies in Portugal. Uguru represents artists as diverse as Rodrigo Leão, Buika, Wim Mertens or Ludovico Einaudi and is also the organizer of two important music festivals: Misty Fest, a celebration of alternative, adult-oriented singer-songwriters from jazz to pop through world music that takes place all over Portugal; and Classic Waves, dedicated to contemporary and modern classical musicians like Michael Nyman.

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