Line up

  • Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç  (vocals, guitar )
  • Gökçe Gürçay (drums )
  • Okan Kaya (bass guitar )
  • Ömer Öztüyen  (viola)
  • Serkan Emre Çiftçi (trumpet)

For over a decade, Gevende has been helping to define the contemporary independent music scene in Turkey by pursuing its own indefinable musical path. Assimilating traditional melodies into contemporary jazz and rock sensibilities they create what could be lazily described as psychedelic folk-rock, but they are crossing more style borders than that would suggest. Melodies and rhythms have been collected on their journeys to Pakistan, Iran and India, through Europe and back to Istanbul, where they have been forged into building blocks for unique improvisational flights of imaginative, universal sounds. Between the 2006 debut album Ev and the 2011 release of You Are No Fish, the band has also taken part in experimental projects with the Parisian "soundpainting" orchestra, Balbazar, and has recently been collaborating with the Dutch free-improv/math-metal radicals, the Spinifex Quintet.





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