Ross Daly Quartet

Ross Daly Quartet
Ross Daly
Zohar Fresco
Kelly Thoma
Periklis Papapetropoulos
Ross Daly / Yrurdal Tocsan / Zohar Fresco / Kelly Thoma
Bijan Chemirani
Ballake Sissoko
Efren Lopez


Ross Daly Quartet
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  • country:Greece
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Oriental, Acoustic
  • label:unlabelled
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:United World Music Management

Line up

  • Kelly Thoma (Cretan Lyra)
  • Periklis Papapetropoulos (Lavta, saz)
  • Ross Daly (Cretan Lyra, Rabab, Tarhu)
  • Zohar Fresco (Percussion)


Many years before what we call "World Music" appeared on the scene, certain individuals had already understood the enormous value and vast variety of the world's various musical traditions and had dedicated their lives to the study of them. One such person is Ross Daly. Although of Irish descent, Ross Daly does not really fit into any particular ethnic stereotype given that his life has been spent in many different parts of the world and his home for the last 35 years is the island of Crete in Greece. Ross Daly, at a very early age, discovered that music was, in his own words, "the language of my dialogue with that which I perceive to be sacred". This dialogue eventually led him to the great modal traditions of the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent where he found the musical archetypes that he had been searching for. In these traditions he encountered music which was not merely a vehicle of self-expression, but which was able to take one beyond what one normally perceived to be the boundaries of one's self into other realms of experience. This discovery changed everything in Ross Daly's life and he subsequently ceased all other activities and dedicated his life to the study of these musical traditions as well as to the art of composition. He subsequently travelled extensively, studying under many of the world's greatest masters of modal traditions. Since 1975 he has been based on the island of Crete where he is universally recognized as one of the foremost experts on the island's rich musical tradition. He is also especially well known and respected for his ability to bring artists of different and seemingly unrelated traditions together in collaborations of unique quality, originality and depth.

The Ross Daly Quartet is a small but very versatile version of Daly's large ensembles, which performs his repertoire with new orchestrations. In this group special emphasis is laid on the use of two bowed instruments together (sometimes two lyras, sometimes lyra and tarhu) played by Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma. This combination is rarely found within a traditional context and here it plays a very central role in the development and shaping of the program. At the same time, Periklis Papapetropoulos, one of the earliest members of Labyrinth (since 1986), makes a decisively important contribution to the sound of the group, as does Zohar Fresco, a very versatile and innovative percussionist who rhythmically supports Ross Daly's compositions in a unique and special way. The quartet often works with alternate percussionists,depending on availability: Bijan Chemirani from Iran (Marseille), Pedram Khavar Zamini from Iran (Paris) or Kostas Meretakis from Crete.

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