Dave Watts

ear conditioning

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Dave's dj work covers clubs, festivals, live collaborations with groups/percussionists/story tellers, film festivals, workshops, short film sound sourcing and production. His sets encompass traditional/roots music, spoken word, history, fusion, hip hop, dub, maghreb, environmental sounds, tropicalia, bass music, electronica, contemporary classical, At the end of the day, it's about conveying feelings and emotions, regardless of title or genre, and he does it with boundless kinetic energy.

A music journalist who saw his dj set at the Womad Festival in Las Palmas described him "The Alchemist" for his ability to encompass so much music within the allotted 60 minutes.

As part of the groundbreaking group Fun-da-mental, he has long witnessed first hand the effects of global free market politics that is entwined in their musical productions.

Now located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, D.WattsRiot first presented Ear Conditioning as a radio program. It has now evolved into an entity representing a broad range of artists - from the abstract cuts and insane hooks of Gonjasufi(Warp) to the calm of cello and marimba movements provided by Socos Dúo; Avant-Experimental AfroPean soundscapes of guitarist Morgan Craft to the uncompromising realities of Mutamassik.

New to the roster is Rizan Said, yes, he the King of the Keyboard. It can be said that without Rizan, a good number of Syrian singers from the 1990's onward might never have been heard - most notably Omar Souleyman, a collaborator with Rizan for two decades. Where synthesizers can bring a certain artifice and death to the sound of music, Rizan's torrential speed and flair on the keys bring new life to Syrian and Kurdish sounds.

As a label, it's an outlet for the aforementioned Socos Dúo, and his own productions as KingLMan, resulting in collabs with Earl 16 (Studio 1/Dreadzone/Leftfield), Nick Dubulah (Dub Colossus/Xaos) and Kiki Hitomi of King Midas Sound.

Sharing music from behind the decks paved the way for the logical step - being part of the programming teams for various festivals and events. Most notably, the unique Keroxen, which takes place in a refurbished oil refinery tank in Tenerife, and Clandestino Festival in Gotenborg, Sweden.

Silence is not an option.

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