Frankie Chavez

Frankie Chavez


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  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Blues, Rock
  • label:Ventilador Music
  • type:Band, Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, rock band, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Ventilador Music

Line up

  • Bassist
  • Drummer
  • Frankie Chavez (voice, guitars)


Frankie Chavez is one of the most original artists of the new Portuguese musical scene; he has been referred to as the latest blues revelation of southern Europe. His music combines a diverse array of sounds resulting in a Blues/Folk/Rock composed by clean sounds and others more raw and psychedelic. One of his unique characteristics is his revolutionary approach to the Portuguese Guitar, using several models, with different tunings, personalized drums and a wide range of effect pedals. He is presenting his project"Heart & Spine", nominated to the IMPALA awards in the category of Best Album.