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The VINYLRECORDER T-560 is developed and manufactured by the German Vinyl-cutting specialists Fritz & Ulrich Sourisseau since 2002. It can easily be attached to the Technics 1200/1210 MK2 Turntable and is providing best analog stereo recording on specially designed 5”, 7”, 10” or 12” Vinyl blanks.

All mechanics and electronic components of the VINYLRECORDER T-560, as engines, circuit boards, cutter heads, diamond styli etc. are handmade and represent German high-quality processing standards.

The recorded discs come with the same warm sound and durability of an original Vinyl record. They are 100% scratching-proved and you will have no abrasion when frequently playing or scratching it as e.g. on regular „soft“ lacquer (acetat) dubplates.

The VINYLRECORDER is the best option for all Wax purists, DJs and and Hifi-nerds who just can’t do without original Vinyl records. Produce your own hard copies, exclusive one-offs, customized picture discs or even just feed your jukebox with new music, that will never be available on 45s again… Bring your music back to the future!



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