Balázs Dongó Szokolay - "Private Folk Music"

Balázs Dongó Szokolay - "Private Folk Music"

Line up

  • Balázs Dongó Szokolay (blow instruments)
  • Rita Termes (piano)


Dongó considers Bartók and Kodály's work already being a part of tradition. The title of his new album is a contradictory phrase. Particularly because folk music cannot be a matter of privatization as it is meant for community usage. However Dongó daringly did it. He was allowed to, because what we hear on his new album can only be played by him. Therefore, put up with it: it is an appropriate title.

And what can be heard on the disc?

Twelve short compositions by Bartók and Kodály, presented in the style of archaic peasant music, as well as the contemporary covers of these masterpieces.

Dongó plays the classical pieces on his folk instruments so naturally and with such confidence as if they were originally written for them. Starting from the collected recordings that inspired Bartók and Kodály, keeping the creators' original instructions on matters of dynamics and tempo, in Dongó's work the folk music connects to art music, the traditional to the modern and the spontaneous to the composed. This record is an exciting, very significant and spectacular experiment by Dongó and his outstanding fellow musicians.

While listening to it, it comes to my mind that in 1911, along with young Hungarian musicians, Bartók founded the 'New Hungarian Music Association' supporting the endeavors of progressive contemporary music. I'm wondering, how great musical works could have been born in that time if such talented performers like Dongó would have been available for the composers. And what role would the Master give to Dongó if he was alive?

Finally, a good advice for the mainstream-likers as well:

Csinnadratta, ripityom! This album is worth listening to!