Júlia Kubinyi

Júlia Kubinyi
Júlia Kubinyi

Line up

  • Albert Mohácsy (double bass, cello)
  • Balázs Dongó Szokolay (flutes, bagpipe, tárogató)
  • Dénes Hrúz (violin)
  • Júlia Kubinyi (vocal)
  • Szabolcs Hrúz (violin)
  • Zsolt Nagy (viola)


Born in Salgotarjan in 1990. Music and dance have been part of her life since early childhood, most especially Hungarian folk music and the folk dance culture. She studied music: the violin and singing folk songs at the Conservatoire of Salgotarjan. Her mother hes been her vocal teacher, all along. In the years following, she took part in several national competitions in folk song singing and in national and international festivals, either as a solo vocalist or appearing with different bands. Her artistic activity is many-folded: she was a member of Vertich Stage-Studio (2006-2009), a member of Nograd Dance Group (2003-2012). Since 2003, she has been singing in the Rokolya Vocalist Ensemble; since 2008, she has been the vocalist of the Duvo Band.

In 2012, in `The Peacock Has Taken Wings...` folk song and folk dance competition for young talents, she came a finalist, and, in accordance with the points from the jury, drew with the winner.

Professionals consider her as one of the most talented young artist in the new generation of folk-song singers. Among the many promising young female singers, besides her beautiful, mature, highly cultivated singing voice, it is her diverse qualities that make her outstanding; she is at home in every part of the rich Hungarian folk songs world. Her repertoire covers the whole of the Hungarian inhabited regions.