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Minyeshu left home to join the Ethiopian National Theatre in Addis at an early age. Her opinionated and resolute nature created conflict enough to force her from her homeland, and ultimately to the awaiting platforms of Europe.
Minyeshu is a stunning performer. Her voice sings and her body dances the stories of centuries of tribal development and strife, the plight of the refugee, and the vibrations that resonate through every human soul.
Her CD is the registration of Minyeshu’s arrival in Western Civilization. She roots herself seamlessly with western musical elements to create an enchanting new genre: this Ethiopian music has depth, dynamic and emotional nuance; this Western music has primal energy, exotic heritage and a natural ground shaking pulse.
Touches of West African, Classical, European Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Caribbean bow in service to the Ethiopian aura that unites them. The listener recognizes the buildings of the city he sees from the train of his own personal journey, only the colours and the aromas are new and surprising. Step off and have a look around. You’ll know the way. Welcome to Minyeshu’s Dire Dawa. Press NRC Handelsblad “It’s time to listen to Minyeshu” / Volkskrant “a worldstar is coming” / Parool “sensational performer” /
Netrythms “This album is a brave and musically stimulating and exciting experience”

Complete reviews: http://www.minyeshu.nl/08_03_press_en.php Bookings: www.vivesco.nl / info@vivesco.nl Official website: www.minyeshu.nl

article submitted by:Marcel Van Zijl, Vivesco