Bakolo Music International

Line up

  • Bikunda Nzofu Buele (Guitar)
  • Bikunda Nzofu Buele (Guitar)
  • Bulantulu Ndangi (Drums)
  • Emile Biayenda (Drums)
  • Jocelyn Balu (Voice)
  • Landu Milandu (Bass Guitar)
  • Michel Missy (Guitar lead)
  • Willy Makonzo (Voice)
  • country:
    Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
  • region:
    Central Africa
  • style(s):
    • Rumba
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
  • artist submitted by:

Bakolo Music International, Kinshasa based rumba pionneers from the 50's are back on stage for the 70 years of existence of this legendary group. Born on the shelves of the mytic Congo River, Bakolo Music International, the “Music Masters” is the oldest group of roots Congolese Rumba in Kinshasa. At 80 years old, the last members of the golden years spreadout an African Rumba with lyrics in bantou languages and african drums.


Bakolo Music International


Bakolo Music International band in Kinshasa ©Tom VantorreBakolo Music International ©Tom VantorreBakolo Music International, Concert in Festival des 5 Continents, Martigny, Switzerland ©Tom VantorreBakolo Music International, Concert Festival des 5 Continents, Martigny, Switzerland ©Tom Vantorre


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Bakolo Music International



Bakolo Music International

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