Vula Viel

Vula Viel: Album Launch UK Tour


Single from Vula Viel: GOod is Good album
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Vula Viel tour their debut Album: Good is Good around the UK: Sheffield, Poole, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Sandwich, ending in Kings Place, London.

“Vula Viel is part of an intriguing trend to re-investigate and re-introduce African elements afresh…. fascinating, sometimes entrancing, and (for the adventurous) entirely danceable” Jazzwise

Vula Viel (vʊ’la vi:’ɛl) means Good is Good in Dagaare, the language of the tribe in Upper West Ghana where Bex Burch lived, farmed and studied for three years. Now it is the name of her group featuring the best of London’s young music talent: Dan Nicholls (bass synth/keys), George Crowley (sax), two drummers Simon Roth and Dave De Rose, and vibes players Jim Hart and Stephen Burke. Their intensely rhythmic music is an engaging mix of African, electronica and minimalist influences.

Based around the Gyil (the Dagaare xylophone made of sacred lliga wood) Vula Viel brings the powerful ancient Dagaare music into the 21st century and the resulting music will engage, entrance and excite your soul. Good is Good is their debut album and they sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before.