Vula Viel

  • artist: Vula Viel
  • event type: Concert
  • start date: 02 Dec 2016
  • end date: 02 Dec 2016
  • time: 20:00
  • city/area: london
  • venue:Rich Mix
  • country: United Kingdom
  • style(s):
    • Afro
    • Jazz
  • event submitted by: Vula Viel

Vula Viel is Bex Burch, the classical percussionist who upped sticks to Ghana’s remote North to study the traditions of their balafon, the Gyil. Back in the UK she put together a band with two members of Loop Collective and two kit drummers - a perfect jazzy Ghanaian roots storm.

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Vula Viel means Good is Good in Dagaare, the language of the tribe in Upper West Ghana where Bex Burch lived, farmed and studied for three years. Now it’s the name of her group featuring the best of London’s young music talent: Dan Nicholls (bass synth/keys), George Crowley (sax), two drummers Simon Roth and Dave De Rose.
Their intensely rhythmic music is an engaging mix of African, electronica and minimalist influences. Based around the Gyil (the Dagaare xylophone made of sacred lliga wood) Vula Viel create something new and vital.
This music will engage, entrance and excite your soul. 'Good is Good' is their debut album and they sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
Indeed in the hands of Vula Viel, Good is very Good indeed!
Supporting Vula Viel will be The Magic Lantern, the musical moniker of Jamie Doe. His beautiful songs open up to reveal a warmth, humour and wisdom that mark The Magic Lantern out as an artist with a unique song writing voice.

Music to engage and excite your soul! The deep sound of the wooden keyed Gyil, two drummer, sax and synths. Expect dancing and entrancing.

'One of my discoveries for the 2015 London Jazz Festival.. Good is Good' Giles Peterson
'Beautiful' Iggy Pop
'They were the unexpected stars of a glitzy show' John Fordham
[About Magic Lantern] 'Excellent, intriguing and compelling, a man to watch' The Guardian





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