Iwantja - Desert Reggae/Rock


Iwantja started as a school band in Indulkana Community, APY Lands, performing at the assembly every Friday and developed into a community band, performing at football carnivals across the Lands. Iwantja also performed at the Nganampa Festival at Umuwa, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the APY Lands and at the Inaugural Yarnballa Festival 2008. They play in the Marla Hotel on Saturday nights. Iwantja also records for radio and TV programs, and has recently done the backing tracks for the Consumer and Business Affairs Awareness Advertisements. Iwantja was the standout performance at the 2009 Bush Bands Bash, and the International Festival of the Dreaming, with a wild stage act you have to see to believe. Iwantja has been invited to perform at the Spirit Festival Adelaide 2009, Public Sector Week Concert Adelaide 2009, Dreaming 2010 and also the Woodford Folk Festival 2010. The band plays many styles of music from reggae to rock, from country to blues and some instrumental. The style is a bit of a mix of Gary Moore and Steve Morse or Joe Satriani with an Aboriginal influence. Jeremy is the band’s spokesman and can play everything, focussing on lead and vocals. Nigel Baker on keyboard, Jason Cullinan on guitars and vocals, Geoffrey Baker on the bass and rhythm, Jacob Baker on drums and now featuring Stewart Gaykamangu, cousin of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and formerly of Redsand Band, on lead vocals. Ages range from Nigel who is just out of school to Geoffrey who is old enough to be a grandfather. Iwantja plays music together all day, everyday! The Community of Iwantja is excited by the growing success of their wider recognition. PY Media across the APY Lands, CAAMA in Alice Springs, Umeewarra in Port Augusta and ABC Radio play their songs. Iwantja is beginning to travel around Australia playing in Indigenous communities, festivals, capital cities and major centres and the crowds love them!