Den Sorte Skole

Line up

  • Martin Højland (DJ, composer, producer)
  • Simon Dokkedal (DJ, composer, producer)

“Radical juxtaposition and recontextualisation. Beautiful Frankenstein songs. Perfectly shaped Dada. Pan global pop art. Sonic archaeology. Folk music of the future”. With their radical, detailed, painstakingly assembled magnum opus of uncompromising samplerdelica, Lektion III, Den Sorte Skole have created a new form of digital composition sourced from old vinyl-records from all across the world and genres as diverse as folk, psych rock, early electronic music, reggae, classical music and field recordings. Founded in 2003, the Copenhagen-based DJ, producer and composer collective have progressed from hip-hop and reggae DJ crew to Danish mash-up kings to award-winning global sample wizards, pushing the envelope of the debate on copyright and the nature of music in the information age. DSS live performances offer a journey through a moving collage of thousands of soundbites into a musical collective unconcious.


Den Sorte Skole


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