"Imaginary Friend" - Steve Skaith Band

Steve Skaith was the singer and writer with the UK band Latin Quarter‚ best known for its 1986 single 'Radio Africa'‚ from the hit album ‘Modern Times’. The band made several albums and continued touring throughout Europe until 1998. In 1999, Steve moved to Mexico where he continues to live. There he has teamed up with three Mexican musicians: Javier Gamiz: Spanish guitar, Jarana and Cuatro Venezolano, Beto Tenorio: Bass guitar and Ricardo Serrano: Drums.

In 2003 they produced their first album ‘Mexile’‚ in 2005 they released the second one entitled "Empires and Us" und in 2007 the third record. The music represents a meeting of British folk-rock with different world music feels and influences, as much African as Latin American.

Steve Skaith Band


Skaith Band

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Do Without Aladdin

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