"Savane" - Ali Farka Toure

The D.N.A. of the blues - Martin Scorsese

Absolutely perfect. It's an enriched musical statement. A truly great piece of work - Ry Cooder

I know this is my best album ever. It has the most power and is the most different - Ali Farka Touré

Savane is the last solo album by the legendary Malian singer and guitarist Ali Farka Touré. Recorded in Bamako with his specially assembled down-home ngoni group, Savane is Ali's testament, a powerful reaffirmation of his umbilical link to his Malian musical roots. Already acclaimed as his finest album, 'Savane' is both one of the most traditional and seemingly the most blues-drenched of Ali's recordings. The record occupied Ali right into his last weeks, and he finally declared himself satisfied with it shortly before his death in March 2006.


Ali Farka Toure


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