"Buena Vista Social Club Presents Guajiro Mirabal" - Guajiro Mirabal

The debut solo album from the unmistakable trumpet voice of the Buena Vista Social Club, Manuel 'Guajiro' Mirabal. Guajiro leads an all star band in a vibrant tribute to the spirit of the legendary Arsenio Rodríguez. Recorded almost entirely live at Havana's Egrem studios with musicians including Cachaíto López, Papi Oviedo, Roberto Fonseca, Manuel Galbán, Miguel 'Angá' Díaz, Amadito Valdés and lead singers including Ibrahim Ferrer and the rising young star Calunga. The album has a late night, spontaneous feel, performed with the confidence and swagger that shone through in Arsenio's classic recordings.


Guajiro Mirabal


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El Rincon Caliente

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