Retrospective For Love

Retrospective For Love
Retrospective For Love
  • country:United Kingdom
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Soul
  • label:Wormfood
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:electronic, jazz combo
  • artist submitted by:Wormfood

Line up

  • Davide Shorty


Hailed from the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Sicily, vocalist, MC and producer Davide Shorty (3rd place on X Factor Italia 2015) had a vision to bring back the love. Gathering a tight knit family of similarly soul-centric musicians from his homeland, along with superbly poised Parisian co-vocalist Leslie Phillips, they formed Retrospective For Love London-side and a new eclectic musical outfit was born.

Retrospective For Love are a London-based seven-piece band weaving together undeniable, infectious melodies stretching across the stratosphere of hip-Hop, soul, and jazz styles, whilst adding a little 21st century electronic mastery into the mix. Bringing a laid back, comfortable cool to the stage, live performances reach out and grab the spirit – with a dynamism and natural ear for dance floor groove sitting alongside classic romanticism contained in their self-released debut EP - Retrospective For Love EP (available on most digital stores).

RFL have supported artists such as neo soul pioneer Bilal, rising stars José James, Low Leaf, Jordan Rakei, Quantic and played European festivals such as Valley Fest (UK) Hockley Hustle (UK), Soundwave Croatia and Pas De Trai (Sicily).