• country:Poland
  • style(s):Jazz
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The life of this player so far reads like a novel of the mythical jazz musician, but with an untypically happy ending. Born in the late 1950s in Poland, the young musician, W³odek Pawlik, studies classical music, plays jazz and feels stifled by the political situation in his country. In 1985 he leaves to finish music school in Hamburg, impresses his teachers and travels much of the world playing with an assortment of high-caliber international musicians. After seven years the call of home is too strong, and he returns to become an integral part of the local Polish music scene. He now plays throughout Poland on a regular basis (in Warsaw, patrons of the Jazz Jamboree or Summer Jazz Days are sure to have been witness to his wizardry), has written soundtracks for Polish and international films and continues to travel abroad on a professional basis frequently.

Pawlik has recorded five albums under his own name. The pianist's cinematic leaning is demonstrated with his soundtrack to the Polish film Wrony, as well as 80 minutes of improvised music for a German piece of cinema called Underwater.

Certainly Pawlik's work-load suggests proof of his optimism. He is currently working on the soundtrack of French film, providing the music for a number of television programs featuring Polish poetry, and is heavily involved in a number of festivals around the country. Later in the year it is likely that he will go on tour with the American trumpeter Randy Brecker. All these productions are to be looked forward to in the certainly that Pawlik will again illustrate his mastery of music.

by Robert Dagge (The Warsaw Voice)