Yaaba Funk
Yaaba Funk live at the Forge, Camden. with DJ Patrick Forge

  • event type: Concert
  • start date: 27 Sep 2013
  • end date: 28 Sep 2013
  • time: 1am
  • city/area: London
  • venue:The Forge
  • country: United Kingdom
  • style(s):
    • Afro
    • Funk
  • event submitted by: Yaaba Funk

Yaaba Funk bring their high energy show to the Forge in Camden on 27th September. Fronted by the dynamic duo of Richmond Kessie and Helen McDonald, Yaaba Funk features syncopated Afro grooves, heavy bass, guitar licks, percussion and tight horn section. Dancefloor mayhem guaranteed! Presented by the respected DJ Patrick Forge, The Forge is a quality jazz club venue with a great sound and nice atmosphere.


Photo by Diane Patrice


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Tongue Song

Heavy Afro Jazz meets Electric Miles

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