Awj - Arabic Choral Ensemble of ESNCM

Awj - Arabic Choral Ensemble of ESNCM


Awj is the name of a scale and the Oriental note for B half Flat; literally it means the highest peak. The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music presents Awj Choral Ensemble performing Arabic oriental music with its different scales and sounds featuring Arab musicians of the 20th Century.

A different musical program is presented each year. During the 1999, Awj presented a bouquet of the most beautiful traditional Arabic music, Muwashahat, Taqateq, poems and songs. The year 2002 witnessed the birth of another musical program by Awj; the best of Sheikh Imam’s Songs.

After two years of presenting the great musician “Sheikh Imam” , Awj has come out with another exclusive production presenting the works of another great musician of the last Century, “Sayyed Darwish”. Rejuvenating the works of the musicians of the 20th Century is considered a feat, fulfilling the needs of the audience keeping them in anticipation for each of Awj’s programs.

Awj - Arabic Choral Ensemble, consists of six to twelve students of the Oriental Department at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (formerly NCM), accompanied with teachers and guest musicians, and works under the direction of Ibrahim Atari (Academic Director of Ramallah Branch of ESNCM). Traditional musical instruments, such as Oud, Qanoun, Violin, Ney and Buzuk are used by the ensemble in addition to Percussion instruments such as Tableh, Daf and Mazhar.