Karloma - ESNCM

Karloma - ESNCM


A major addition to the Palestinian music scene is the group “Karloma”. Established in 2000, the group of four multi talented musicians and teachers of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (formerly NCM), and coming from different musical and cultural backgrounds has added a new style of music to Palestine.

The name Karloma refers to the calligrapher’s draft, on which he practices and experiments with new ideas before embarking on his “neat copy”. It is a pure work of art that includes the most precise, difficult decoration and beautiful script, which makes it a precious treasure. Sometimes this draft can be more beautiful and creative than the final piece of work.

Our Karloma is a trial of musical outlooks, in which many sensations and ideas are explored to achieve beauty, free from traditional restrictions. Nevertheless, the group relies on the classical oriental form as its guide. It aims at exploring ways in which influences from the West can be incorporated into traditional Oriental music, enriching it without destroying its essential characteristics.

The group performs oriental classics as well as new compositions by group members Ahmad Al Khatib (Oud) and Heather MacDonald (Flute). Arrangements, mostly done by Al Khatib are written for Oud, Flute, Double bass and Percussion, the main instruments in the group. Also playing with the group is percussionist Yousef Hbeish, and Double Bass Player Oystein Frantzen. Karloma released its first CD in 2001 entitled “ KARLOMA”.