Suhail Khoury

Suhail Khoury is a leading musician in the current musical scene in Palestine. A composer, Ney and Clarinet player, Khoury has been instrumental in the overall development of the musical life of Palestine during the last two decades. He currently assumes the role of General Director of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (formerly NCM) as well as artistic advisor and Board member at Yabous Productions.
Khoury’s discography includes: “MARAH” (1987), “MARJ BEN AMER” (1989), “ASHIQA” (1995), “MATAR” (1998), and lately the first musical production for children in Palestine entitled “AL-FAWANEES” (2004).

In his latest production Suhail Khoury collaborates with Ahmad Al Khatib leading musician of “Karloma” where nine compositions of Khoury’s are arranged by Al Khatib and performed with the group “Karloma”. An instrumental work, most of which composed during Khoury’s six-month political imprisonment in Israeli jails for producing a tape of music. The music is a manifestation of Khoury’s experience in the Israeli jails. His inspiration for most of these pieces came while under interrogation and torture, eventually designating each piece with a title describing the various procedures undertaken by his jailors. Other pieces talk about love; the streets of Jerusalem after midnight, the current situation in Palestine.

The music is characterized by its deserved spirit and uniqueness, creating both harmony and vivaciousness at the same time. The production constitutes a fusion between Arabic and Western instruments creating a contemporary yet original Palestinian sound. Currently, preparations for the recording for this production are taking place and the CD is expected to be released soon under the title “JERUSALEM AFTER MIDNIGHT”.

Suhail Khoury


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