Created in 2002, Zimar is a meeting of professional musicians from Palestine who assembled over local tunes, re-arrangements of oriental musical pieces and new compositions of contemporary Palestinian music. The musical production of the ensemble expresses the contemporary Palestinian condition and the spirit of the current era.
The group uses authentic oriental instruments such as Oud, Qanoun, Ney, and oriental Percussion; Daff, Tabla and Mazhar, in addition, to recruiting other instruments to serve the spirit of the oriental music and its techniques, such as Saxophone and Bass.
The music category of Zimar combines two fundamental types which are instrumental music and songs. Improvisation constitutes a major role in the work of the ensemble, and it aims to take the musical expression in oriental music to a new regenerated eminence in the musicians' modern and contemporary musical conception.
Zimar plays its original music composed by the group members based on instrumental approach while inviting other musicians to share the tunes. In other programs, the group also collaborates with singers.
Zimar consists of three main musicians, each of whom holds a credit of renewed musical performances. The musicians are: Habib Shehade-Hanna - Oud and Compositions, Rimon Haddad - Electric and Double Bass and Yousef Hbeish - Percussion.