"Soma Salegy" - Ninie Doniah

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    Ninie Doniah
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Yela Mizik

Originating from Nosybee north Madagascar, Ninie DONIAH is one of the greatest female representative of SALEGY music, one of Madagascar's most popular music. It is rooted in the grand island 's traditions. Salegy music blends ingredients from Africa and Indonesia. Its original form serves as back- up to spiritual communion rituals with divinities with ongoing percussions and hands claps allowing vibrant vocals expression. Even when performed with modern instruments, Salegy remains rooted in Madagascan traditions and has a bewitching power on its audience throughout the world.

Though a mainly male-dominated world, Salegy's scene counts Ninie Doniah as its best female ambassador. She turns large audiences on and attracts thousands of followers throughout Madagascar and the indian ocean region. Crowds also gather throughout France and Europe to feel and feed their soul and bodies with Ninie Doniah's live performances.


Ninie Doniah


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Soma Salegy

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