Habakuk & Kalokagathos

Line up

  • Agnieszka Hrabia (vocal)
  • Alicja Nikoli (vocal)
  • Błażej Koza (sax)
  • Damian Socha (trumpet)
  • Dorota Kaczor (vocal)
  • Jaromir Puszek (drums)
  • Kordian Nowicki  (guitar)
  • Marek Makles (keyboards)
  • Marzena Lamch-Łoniewska (vocal)
  • Mikołaj Kopeć (sound engineer)
  • Paulina Kowalska (vocal)
  • Paulina Supernak (vocal)
  • Piotr Nikoli (accordion)
  • Sylwia Reterska (vocal)
  • Wojciech Cyndecki (bass)
  • Wojciech Turbiarz  (voice, guitar)

Habakuk exist from 25 years on polish music scene. They are one of most important in this reggae market. As first band from Poland they played on Glastonbury.
Now they finished new project with lady's choir - Kalokagathos, which sings "white voice".
This is mix of reggae with ethno, jazz, fold music. Girls sings in different languages: sefardian, spanish, finnish, ukrainian, serbian, polish.
This year that project played on Rototom Sunsplash in Spain.
After we release that album in Poland (by Mystic Production) we are looking for international partners and booking agents.


Habakuk & Kalokagathos



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U susida


Siadaj nie gadaj



cover song of Värttinä band


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video from Ostroda Reggae Festival

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