Ciné-concert Georges Méliès

Ciné-concert Georges Méliès
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Georges Méliès is one of the most amazing cinema personalities. Between 1896 and 1913, he has produced, directed and distributed more than 520 films in most of which he even performed as an actor.

Méliès was the first one to use a camera for a fiction purpose, to tell a story using film set and production work. Thanks to his knowledge in illusionism, much of the cinema faking he has invented remains a reference in modern special effects.

The Cine-concerts present an exclusive program composed of a selection of Georges Méliès movies illustrated, like they were in the 1900’s, by piano improvisations and narration.

The original rolls used are found, restored and preserved by our partner association : Les Amis de Georges Méliès.

Georges Méliès’ 150th birthday has been classified "National Commemoration" in 2011 by the French government.

Martin Scorsese is preparing a movie adaptation of Brian Selznick’s best-seller "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" about part of Méliès’ life in Paris.

Several film formats are available :
projection of 35 mm rolls (18 frames per second)
projection of 16 mm rolls (18 frames per second)
digital projection (1/33 size, non-HD)