ZAR recieved a Danish Music Award for album of the year 2009, for their third album 'Der Brænder en Ild'. ZAR will showcase on Womex Saturday at 9 pm.

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A journey through the Danish spirit

-The award-winning Danish band ZAR releases third album.
Traditional music is not big in Denmark but a young group is setting new standards and reaching for the stars. ZAR has worked for 8 years now with music from the rich Danish tradition, breathing new life into the old songs and tunes. Their new album 'Der Brænder en Ild' was elected 'Album of the Year' at Danish Music Awards - Folk 2009.

‘When we set out for making ‘Der Brænder en Ild’ we wanted to take acoustic Danish music to the next level’ says singer Sine Lauritsen who has been awarded a Danish Music Award – Folk for best singer 2004. And so ZAR started working with acoustic engineering ace Gary Paczosa, who among others has worked with bluegrass royalty like Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton. In January 2008 ZAR went to Gary’s studio in Nashville, Tennessee to lay the final hands on the mix. ‘I have loved Gary’s sound for a long time, and it was a dream come true to hear his take on our music’ says Sine Lauritsen.

The sound of ZAR is organic, smooth and clear. The fiddles playfully jump from backing Sine’s beautiful voice to taking the lead in fast dance tunes or heart breaking pieces full of longing. The bass and guitars superbly compliment each other in laying down the foundations with swing and good taste. It is timeless music that speaks to the hearts of human beings and awakes feelings of joy and harmony.

ZAR is:
Sine Lahm Lauritsen: Vocal
Andreas Tophøj Rasmussen and Michael Graubaek: Fiddles
Steffan Søgaard Sørensen: Double-bass
Rasmus Zeeberg: Guitars

“Zar is a sharp quintet that, much like Union Station or Solas, is extending the boundaries of its tradition.”
Dirty Linen

participating in

  • WOMEX 2009


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