El Sur
El Sur
El Sur


El Sur-Coco Diaz
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Line up

  • José Buc Chavez (Percussion, bass, cuatro and vocals)
  • Juan Antonio Caffiero (Guitar)
  • Pablo Casella (Guitar and vocals)
  • Paola Marquez (Vocals)

El Sur: A tribute to "La Nueva Cancion"

Nueva cancion (Spanish for 'new song') or trova is a South-American social movement and musical style. In Chile, it was known as nueva cancion, but later on, it spread across Spain and the whole of South-America. The nueva cancion meant a revival of traditional folk music, and is usually associated with the New Left, liberation theology, the hippie movement and the struggle for human rights. All over South America, the music and the movement became successful, and in Chile, it remains the most popular style to date. The putsch of 1973 forced the movement underground, with the torture and murder of Victor Jara, the advocate of the Chilean nueva cancion, under the military regime of Pinochet.

Together with 2 guitarists and a percussionist, Paola Marquez wants to pay homage to the nueva cancion and its interpreters, who were known all over South-America, and even in Spain and the United States. Some names as a reference: Violeta Parra (Chile, who wrote Gracias a la vida), Simon Diaz (Venezuela, who wrote Caballo Viejo), Mercedes Sosa (Argentina), Susana Baca (Peru), Chabuca Granda (Peru), Jorge Antonio Cafrune(Argentina), Soledad Bravo (Venezuela), Milton Nascimento (Brazil), Pablo Milanes (Cuba), Juan Manuel Serrat (Spain), Bob Dylan.