Line up

  • Bastien Charlery (accordion)
  • Benito Blancquaert (sax, clarinet)
  • Cedric Gillemend (soubassophone, serpent)
  • Christian Laisne (saxhorn)
  • Dzemsid Zejnelov (tapan)
  • Gaspard Vanardois (guitar, oud)
  • Hendrik Dobbelaere (saxhorn)
  • Jean-Pierre Lietar (trumpet)
  • Rezak Demirov (clarinet)
  • Seven Zejnelov (percussion)
  • Thomas Morzewski (trumpet)


With more then ten years of experience, touring extensively throughout Europe, La Panika can hardly be considered a regular brass band. With musicians from Macedonia, Bulgaria, France and Belgium, the band performs a powerful set drenched in madness, but with the respect for the traditional gipsy music. La Panika will make you believe you are in an Eastern European village, partying alongside the local brass band.