BELEM (Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam)

BELEM (Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam)
  • country:Belgium
  • style(s):World
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, string
  • artist submitted by:Zig Zag World

Line up

  • Didier Laloy (Diatonic accordion)
  • Kathy Adam (Cello)


SHOWCASE Friday 23 October 14.15 @ WOMEX

Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam form BELEM, an atypical duo featuring diatonic accordion and cello. They are both brilliant musicians in their own right. They have travelled through Europe with the group 'Panta Rhei', and shared the stage on many other occasions including Didier's own projects “Didier Laloy Invites”, [Pô-Z]s, Noir's and Nonsens.
We have had to wait for 23 years for this union but it was well worth the wait.
For decades, they've been thinking about experimenting with chamber music, but still in an expressive way. Today they provide an anthology of compositions, at the crossroads of their experiences. A strong but simple music, subtle and surprising, where silence, dynamics and the most elegant and crazy rhythms intersect.
Musical images run into each other, and lead you on a musical journey and unique a unique experience.
A gentle and daring duo, the result of a long-awaited union between two wonderful artists.