Zita Swoon

It’s very obvious what prevails : it is energy, the musical quality and the contributions of each member of the group.

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Those who had the chance to attend (rather to live) one of their concerts confirm it: ZITA SWOON is an extraordinary group (group : “Combination of several characters forming an organic unity in a work of art” in “Le Petit Robert” – French language dictionary).
In the centre: Stef Kamil Carlens. Around him, with him: a cosmopolitan tribe, chatoyant, open and cultivated, each member offering what he is and became on his travel, fed by the wealth of presents that he got in exchange…
The result: open and intelligent music; concerts shaped by emotions, generous, sharp and coloured; full moments that stick for a long time …
ZITA SWOON is born in the 90’s, in and with the turbulence that still makes today’s Flanders a piece of Europe to keep an eye on to see what moves on the old continent (it is no coincidence Jan Fabre or Les ballets C. de la B. regularly invite Stef to share their spaces of expression…)
In the musical melting pot of ZITA SWOON: blues, catchy pop, funk, soul – ah! and that choruses that Aretha Franklin would not have disavowed! – hypersensitive rock, afro-cuban influences, pen dipped in the English or French language, sweet folk tinted ballads … they bind the whole with an amalgamating dressing whose manufacturing secret belongs to them, so tasty that it gives the meal they serve a just incomparable taste …
Atypical, touching, alternated caressing and scratching: ZITA SWOON is and will remain for a long time “a laboratory” of beautiful and powerful music in continual creation, always moving …
Their performances are fully in line with their image: incandescent concerts, physical engagement, glowing groove on the largest scenes and for the palpable happiness of thousands of spectators… or… well intended intimate moments: “A Band in a Box”, the public is around and they are in the middle … just like that… ZITA SWOON seems to feel at ease in the middle of a lot of things …
Jean Pierre Laurent – LONGWAVE

Big Swoon: concerts on scene
It’s very obvious what prevails : it is energy, the musical quality and the contributions of each member of the group. To play strong, without drowning the spectators in a bath of decibels, to play high, play true, and especially to weave a bond of notes and emotions between the scene and the public, those are the characteristics of Stef Kamil Carlens. Result: unique concerts lived like intense moments of truth.

A Band in Box: concerts in the middle of the public
A very simple concept but of a powerful originality and a frightening effectiveness: the group is “in the middle”, the public is “around”… and everyone is “in the musical box”! … Joined together in the same space, close relations almost until touching distance, musicians and spectators - who are free in their movements - perceive and receive the same sound… and energy, always present, circulating in soft or breaking waves on the tide of the emotions, musical journeys and rhythms.

Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist (creation 2009)
Tireless inventors in perpetual movement, Zita Swoon prepares this autumn of 2008 a new creation: “Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist”, working together with choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. A coproduction Zita Swoon/Co Rosas. It will be a question of music, a lot of sounds, natural, astonishing and close, of strange and simple instruments, colors and… of dancing of course

In 2011 Zita Swoon will create a new performance in collaboration with Zuiderpershuis, international art center with a wide rate of African experiences.
It will be a new dimension in the rich musical parcours of Stef Kamil Carlens & Zita Swoon developing a new musical experience through the sounds of balafon, n'goni and flutes and the great musical heritage of the mandingo culture of West-Africa

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  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2008


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