Zohreh Jooya

Zohreh Jooya, grew up in eastern Iran in a mixed Afghan Iranian family. She graduated at the University of Music in Vienna

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Zohreh Jooya grew up in a mixed Afghan Iranian family. Already as a child she sung Indian, Afghan and Iranian songs. After graduation at the University of Music in Vienna she pursues traditional music from Afghanistan and Iran.

Together with Daud Khan Sadozai, a master on the Afghan robab, she tours as "Ensemble Afghan" showing the lively music from Afghanistan.

As "Ensemble Golestan" Sufi lyrics of Molana Rumi are the base of the message of this group

Her newest is the women only project "Sedaye Zanan" or Voix de Femmes". She cooperates with the renowned Indian violinist Jyotsna Srikanth. And the wonderful jazz musicians Julia Seidl, Viola Falb and Maria Petrova. This group merges traditional Indian, Iranian and Afghan music with Jazz and rhythm.

If required she has local actors reciting the poetry the lyrics are based on in the local language. Samples of her music you will find at www.zohreh-jooya.org.

Her CDs are published with ARC Music in the UK and Taraneh International a Persian label in California.

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Zohreh Jooya