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WOMEX 2015 - Sounds From Spain Stand - 1.115 – 1.122
ZOOMUSIC MANAGEMENT have a broad experience in production with worldwide renown artists.

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ZOOMUSIC MANAGEMENT is a company with an International vision. We have experience with different languages, different cultures and a wide range of music styles. Our artists create high quality shows to delight the audience.

ZOOMUSIC MANAGEMENT treats every event as something special. We arrange interviews with the local media in terms of announcing our artists and their concerts. It is always a good opportunity for us to promote their careers.

If you want to book one or more of our artists in your country, please get in touch with us. We will offer you different booking options.

ZOOMUSIC MANAGEMENT has a broad experience in production management. We will take care of every detail to make a production a success. Please visit our web site and find out more about our activities.



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