"2 Guitars" Pepe Justicia & El Amir

"2 Guitars" Pepe Justicia & El Amir
Pepe Justicia & El Amir


Pepe Justicia & El Amir
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Madrid
  • style(s):Flamenco
  • label:Self produced
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, string, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Zoomusic Management

Line up

  • Amir John Haddad "El Amir" (flamenco guitar, buzuki, oud)
  • Pepe Justicia (flamenco guitar)


“2 Guitars” is the new show of two exceptional flamenco guitarists, Pepe Justicia and El Amir.
They belong to Spain’s first row of flamenco concert guitarists. Both have shown an impeccable career until now and have performed with the most recognized artists of our times. Their list of collaborations is countless as well as their tours and performances around the world.

“2 Guitars” allows two generations of “tocaores flamencos” (flamenco guitar players) to come together and meet. They are two different concepts and ways to understand the “toque” (playing the instrument) without losing the strong connection to roots and traditions.

Pepe Justicia is a very creative guitarist and has a wide knowledge in music. El Amir was his disciple in Jerez de la Frontera when he came to Spain. We can say that El Amir is the only heir to the art of Pepe Justicia’s flamenco playing. From there he has achieved to develop (not “developed”) his own sound and brand.

Both have a great artistic and technical level reaching the “virtuoso” level in every sense.
In this new show they expose their great wisdom, creativity and mastery on the guitar by performing own original compositions in solo or duo format.

“2 Guitars” are two twin souls born in different decades who share the same passion for flamenco and music in general. Their compositions reflect the sounds and aesthetics of flamenco from the sixties until today. It is a wide range of flamenco music that allows us to appreciate the evolution of the flamenco guitar from back in the days until now and how it developed in time.