BUFA & SONS Tubes From the Wolrd

BUFA & SONS Tubes From the Wolrd
Bufa & Sons
Xavi Lozano with the watering can
Xavi Lozano
Bufa & Sons
Xavi Lozano


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  • country:Spain
  • region:Madrid
  • style(s):Experimental, Acoustic
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, string, lute
  • artist submitted by:Zoomusic Management

Line up

  • Guillem Aguilar (Recicled artefacts as broom, bass, ...)
  • Marc Vila (Recicled artefacts as ethnic drums, tambourines...)
  • Xavi Lozano (Recicled artefacts as chair, stair, watering can..)


Three very experienced musicians with a great record in their careers get together to give us a "Didactic-Workshop-Concert" disguised with humour that will appeal to everyone and all ages.
Bufa & Sons gives us the opportunity to observe our environment with different eyes and ears. Recycled objects of our daily use which we never thought capable of giving out a musical sound are used to present us an unique concert where we are shown that music and sound is hidden where we want it to be.

A broom, a crutch, a stepladder, watering-can, a chair, a brick or even a single macaroon or olive it seems be the perfect medium to let all the melodies out that are hidden inside of these objects. Bufa & Sons plays blues, jazz and some known songs getting instrumental real sounds as the bansuri flute, sax, gralla, bag pipe, etc...

The band members come from playing with prestigious bands and artists like Eliseo Parra, Kepa Junquera, Misirli Ahmed, La Shica.... Xavi Lozano has been the host of the children's TV show "L'atrapasons" in the Catalan Channel TV3 where he taught how to play any object where you could make a hole. As well he has been invited many times to the famous Spanish TV show "EL Hormiguero" and "Buenafuente" to demonstrate his personal and original abilities of playing innovative and surprising instruments made by himself.

Bufa & Sons first show was called "Flutes of the World" and was presented in different school, cultural centres and other events with great success Their new show "Tubes of the World" was created as a natural consequence from their first show. It had great acceptance at the prestigious Festival Pirineos Sur 2011.

With "Tubes of the World" you will enchant successfully young and old and as soon as they get home, they will immediately try their luck at home using one of the objects shown on stage.