Line up

  • Amir-John Haddad (Flamenco Guitar, Bouzuki)
  • Eva Durán (Singer)
  • Jonatan Miró  (Flamenco Dancer)
  • Josemi Garzón (Bass guitar)
  • Kike Terrón Duque (Cajon, Djembé, Earthen Jar, Tambourine)
  • Raúl Márquez (Violin)
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  • style(s):
    • Flamenco
    • World
  • label:
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  • gender:
    male, female
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal, percussion, string, guitar
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Amir John Haddad is a well known flamenco guitarist within the flamenco world.
He comes from a German, Palestinian and Colombian background and was taught by his father and began to play flamenco guitar and Arabic oud when he was seven years old. Amir's playing is recognized for its great personality, maturity, sound and individual style. Besides accompanying many of Spain's greatest flamenco figures he has been the official oud and string player with the legendary World Music band Radio Tarifa touring worldwide for ten years.

After making his debut with his first solo album "Pasando por Tabernas" in March 2013 he surprises us with his new CD called "9 Guitarras" an album with an innovative concept where he plays in each song a different guitar made by the most prestigious flamenco luthiers in Spain. Amir calls it a tribute to the guitar and to all the flamenco guitar builders.

His band "El Amir" Flamenco Sextet offers us a powerful and pure flamenco concert based on its traditional elements such as vocals, dance and guitar adding different sounding instruments like violin, mandolin, bass, percussion, Arabic oud or bouzouki to create a fresh musical fusion that allows us to understand his personal view of flamenco. "El Amir" had the opportunity to perform with his flamenco band at the "9th Veria Guitar Festival" in Greece (2010), the 30th Edition of the "Festival de la Guitarra de Cordoba" (2010), "The Moods" in Zuerich- Switzerland (2010) and the "Festival Les Guitares" in Lyon-France (2011), to name a few.

This show can be booked in different line-ups and possible combinations of artists depending on space of venue, artistic requirements or subject of the festival. We offer the following formats: Quintet, Quartet, Trio, Duo, and Solo.

"El Amir" Flamenco Sextet is a great show with very powerful, strong and emotional flamenco content




EL AMIR Flamenco Sextet at Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2010EL AMIR Flamenco Sextet at Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2010EL AMIR Flamenco Sextet at Moods in ZurichAmir-John Haddad and Eva Durán in Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2010Amir-John HaddadAmir-John HaddadEL AMIR Flamenco Sextet


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Dos Palomas Vuelan

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


Suena el Veinto

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


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with Inmaculada Ortega

sala Galileo Galilei, Madrid, Spain

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